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Feeling Lucky: An Unpoetic Ode to Matriarchs

Posted by Jill Carnuccio on

My great-grandmother, Ina Davis was born in 1899; and I was lucky enough to know her. She cooked a mean fried chicken, the saltiest green beans you ever tasted and the best chocolate cream pie I've had to date. Granny sewed slipcovers and drapes in her barn on an old pedaled sewing machine, hung...

Prayer of Consecration

Posted by Jill Carnuccio on

Father God, my Creator, I present my body to You, and to Your Son, My Savior, and to Your Holy Spirit, My Helper.  Every part of me was made by You, is redeemed through You and exists for fellowship with You. I confess to You that I have used My body in ways that refused You and...

I Wish: Reflections of a Republicrat


Posted by Jill Carnuccio on

I am soon to enter my 50th year of life. For all of my voting history, I have called myself a Republican. This year I became officially “Non-affiliated”, or more specifically, a “Republicrat”. The more I attempt to understand the differences the more I see that both...


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