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How has Young Lives made an Impact on a mentor-leader and a teen mom?

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A testimony from a Mentor/Leader - I had a heart for serving others and after hearing the director of Young Lives speak to my ladies group, I was welcomed by many loving, Christian women. I watched everything go on during my first visit to club. I saw how the girls really enjoyed being part of a group. I liked how they were connected at dinner, smiled during game time, asked questions during the parenting topics and paid attention as they heard about Jesus. I went home and knew this was where and how God wanted to use me. I got to know several of the girls one-on-one and began meeting with them to drive them to club. I saw their yearning to be good moms. I saw the need to encourage, pray and love them and their children. I can tell you my prayer life has improved drastically [since I've been involved]. I have more empathy and a heart for their trials and struggles that draw me to be more thankful for all the blessings I have. I feel like my connection to God [is stronger] and God is really using me to share the Gospel with these girls in my words, prayers and actions. I look forward to finding the right girl to mentor. 

 A testimony from a Teen Mom about Club - 'a safe place, a place where you aren't judged, fun, nice people, parenting advice, free diapers and wipes.' These are the things my friend Jenna told me when she invited me to club when I became pregnant. I was having issues with my parents as they weren't happy about my pregnancy during my senior year. I came to club and was greeted with kind smiles and open arms welcoming me. Everyone was so nice. I felt normal and not one person judged me. The other girls were friendly too and going through the same things like me struggling with relationships with the baby’s father, school, parental issues and more. I can tell you I have been at club for almost two years and have invited 4 other girls to experience Young Lives. My faith has grown from the spiritual talks and Bible studies. I am a better parent thanks to all the parenting talk and I have so many new friends. I pray more than ever now. I even read the Bible they gave me to my daughter. I even got her baptized a few months ago. I feel more grounded and more connected since joining Young Lives. I couldn't imagine my life as a young mom without the love and support from this amazing group. 


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