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Practical Sabbath: Prov Staff Suggestions

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Figure out what is rest for you? (Is mowing the lawn restful or stressful? Is shopping restful or stressful?, etc.).

 What brings you delight? (same options as above).

Don't start with a full 24 hours. Start with a half day.  NATHANAEL MANTHEY

When you walk and drive, slow down and stop rushing to get to the place you are going.


Appreciate the sensual nature of our lives that God has given to us:  ie, appreciate and be thankful for the  warm water running in the shower, the smell of spring, the visual diversity of plants, flowers, trees, grass, animals and all sights we see.

Be thankful for all the blessings that God has given you - the ones we take for granted everyday - and make a list of these things:  Thank you God that I can . . . hear, touch, see, have a bed, have shoes, have clothes, have transportation, a desk, chair, kitchen, stove, have friends, family, sister, brother etc.  There literally are billions of people who don’t have any of these things or relationships.

Don’t check email or texts for one day.  DAVE WIEDIS

Plan ahead.  Try to plan paid and non-paid work around your Sabbath time.  For example I take Sabbath on Saturdays, so I make Fridays my laundry and errand running day because those non-paid chores are not life giving to me.  Early on this meant listing out things that are life-giving and enjoyable and things that I need to do, but are not enjoyable to do on a Sabbath.  

Keep it simple and relaxed.  I'm fine with visiting family or friends on my Sabbath, but I try not to overload my schedule.  I also try to hang out with those who are life giving and encouraging.  For me time alone with God is very refreshing so I try to make sure I have part of the day to myself to pray and journal.  

Break from social media and e-mail (both work and personal).  I'm personally okay with texting and calling if it's needed to meet up with someone, but then when I'm with that person, my phone is on silent and put away out of sight.  MICHELLE CARSTENS

Stop feeling guilty ~ Enjoy this beautiful moment.

Remember what you love about your life ~ participate in it, go back to the joy, laughter and fun.

Just BE! ~ Let God fill in the space with his peaceful presence. STEPHANI WALKER


Try to find something that works with the rhythm you already have... David and me sabbath on Friday night to Saturday night. We tend to start with having dinner with friends (or our small group if we are on that Friday).

We start by lighting a candle to help us transitions our inner speeds.

Put your phones away and get out into nature. MELINDA SNOW

Start small– try only a few hours at first (24 hours can feel really daunting to start).

Carve out the time– clear your schedule of all things that are "work" for you and make it a priority to keep that time clear.

Combat those misunderstandings of what Sabbath is and what Sabbath is not.  Sabbath does not necessarily mean you need to sit in a room by yourself for 24 hours and do nothing but pray and worship (that's what I thought at first and I thought you were all crazy!)  Sabbath is a time to do things that bring you life, giving yourself time to stop, contemplate and reflect on all God has for you.  This looks different for everyone and what works for you doesn't necessarily work for the person sitting next to you. Take the time to find what works.  LAURA JOHNSON

Sset a day aside in the week separate from your "day off," when you do nothing having to do with work, or make you work in any way, even chores/errands.

Remember you don't "have to" sabbath, you "get to sabbath." Your spiritual life and heart come first and this feeds that which enables you to be better and more centered, effective and healthy in all you do.

Be intentional about the time. Have intentional ways to reflect and contemplate God and be with Him/engage.  BRENNA CARNUCCIO


Think of the things you already do that you enjoy doing and try to start doing those on Sabbath.  Treat Sabbath as a container for things you enjoy and that are restful.  

Start Sabbath with contemplation and Bible reading to set your heart on Him.  Even a daily office to start or short devo.

Let others know when Sabbath is for you.  Don't hide it.  EMANUELE MADANAT

Make a plan.

Fill your day in things that fill you up mentally, physically and spiritually.

Delight in what God is doing in your midst.   RYAN ENNS

Don't give up.

Keep pursuing Sabbath.

Keep believing in God for the different stages, ups and downs! SUSIE WITTMANN

Identify the things that truly bring you life.

Use trial and error to find a day and time that will really work for your week.

During Sabbath, things will come up that will try to rob your time of rest -- Put your thoughts on a log and float them down a mental river.  SHERRY CARNUCCIO

Pause To Plan: Sabbath takes planning for, working a little ahead of time to know you will be off for 1 day or 1/2 a day takes planning for. Clear your schedule and figure out what "delight" in the Lord looks like for you: Is it a hike?, gardening?, a hobby?, time with family? What is life giving and brings you closer to God?... do that...

Phone a Friend: Tell someone when your sabbath is and have them check in on you to make sure you are actually doing it.

Purge the Guilt/ Be Persistent: You feel guilty, lazy, counter-cultural, and unproductive but let speak into the importance of time alone with him. Forgive yourself when you feel like you can't keep sabbath, and try, try again. . . JACKIE STANCATO

Do things that you enjoy (sometimes things you 'enjoy' even can be looked at by someone else not enjoyable or 'work').

Keep your cell phone at home.  Remember when we had a 'house phone'?  We were at one time not all accessible for every moment.

Sometimes sabbath can be hard with kids and kids’ schedules, so sometimes you can give your partner time to themselves once a month for their alone time sabbath! CHARE PISHOCK


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