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Prov Summer Missions: CRU Students Serve Across the Globe

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David Coup Ocean City, Maryland
Graham Bowen Botswana: Gaborone (Mid-Atlantic)
Lexie Segalla Ocean City, Maryland
MariPat Lissner Botswana: Gaborone (Mid-Atlantic)
Paige Eaton Ocean City, Maryland
Sabrina Knapp Ocean City, Maryland
Danni Rogge Italy : Rome (SE)
Hannah Schultz Justice Team
Maddy Wyshinski Central Asia (Mid-Atlantic)
Mercedes Thomas Colorado Ops Summer Mission
Alexandra Kouma East Asia (Mid-Atlantic)
Braise Alexander East Asia (Mid-Atlantic)
Byron Burger Ocean City, Maryland
Caroline DeRobertis Lake Tahoe
Joelle Skacel Ocean City, Maryland
Rachael Mitchell Central Asia (Mid-Atlantic)
Yemi Kiyesi Ocean City, Maryland
Mel Carson Australia: Melbourne (Mid-Atlantic)
Olivia Kimber Educators Summer Mission (For College Students)
Taylor McCahan Australia: Melbourne (Mid-Atlantic)
Jillian Stockbauer Ocean City, Maryland
Adam Tardosky Ocean City, Maryland
Amy Rittenhouse Philadelphia - Mission Liberti
Edwin Jacks Ocean City, Maryland
Erica Howard Philadelphia - Mission Liberti
Alexis Case Central Asia (Mid-Atlantic)
Corinne Petersheim Study Abroad: San Jose, Costa Rica (fall)
Toni Angiolillo

Hampton Beach, NH

Long-term missions:
Danielle Laquidara
Lauren Nelson
PRAY for these students going on mission this summer all over the world!

Also pray for those serving in an area of Young Life this summer: week-long camps, work crew and summer staff!


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