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Livestream Director and Filmmaker

Livestream Director and Filmmaker 

Reports To: Tech Director

Job Status: Part Time - 20 hrs/week

Position Summary

Director of weekly Sunday livestream and team, providing consistency and excellence as well as relational connections with team. [8 hrs per week]

Producer of monthly video projects, larger annual film projects, and videography/photography elements of the church. [12 hrs per week]

Primary Job Roles

  • Oversee all video and livestream elements at Sunday gatherings, including directing, cameras, lighting, and online functions.
  • Build and schedule Camera and Lighting Teams for Sunday Gatherings
  • Produce video and film projects for ministry needs/events as needed
  • Organize and lead a team of videographers/photographers that expand video production capabilities
  • Continue working in the film industry outside of church


  • Check in with scheduled volunteers the week before they’re serving, making sure team is full
  • Direct/Operate 3 out of 4 Sundays per month [or 4 out of 5]. Sit in a gathering once a month
  • Set Lighting Cues/Playlists for each Sunday gathering
  • Edit and post the sermon and 1-2 songs from weekly gatherings by Monday of each week.
  • Initiate one social gathering/project per month with Livestream/Lighting Team, helping them connect, create, and collaborate on things outside of Sundays. 
  • Train new volunteers on camera, directing, and lighting equipment/processes. 
  • Create ministry videos as needed, collaborating with Program, Media, and Creative Directors
  • Create short/long films
  • Attend staff events (Monthly meetings, seasonal retreats, etc…)
  • Meet with Online Host Lead on bi-weekly basis.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Able to effectively recruit, train, and manage volunteers.
  • Experience with video & lighting equipment.
  • Compelling artistic vision & creativity.
  • Ongoing spiritual growth and acceptance of Providence’s doctrinal summary.
  • Understanding and support of Providence’s mission and vision.
  • Excellent communication and team leadership skills (Compassionate, Relational, Approachable, Honest).
  • A vibrant and emotionally healthy lifestyle.