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Mission + Vision:

Young Life’s mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.


The main way the ministry is meeting needs:

Our world is becoming increasingly anti-Christian and more and more kids are being raised in non-Christian environments. Those kids may never talk about Jesus and would most likely not feel comfortable or even be invited to a church or youth group. Young Life exists for those kids. Weekly club meetings are geared toward the furthest out kid to give them a fun environment where they can hear about Jesus, potentially for the first time, in a way they can understand, given by volunteer leaders who are relationally invested in their school community. Kids need Jesus and may not have the opportunity to hear about it. Young Life seeks to address that need by taking the Gospel to kids.

What is Young Life? 

How is the ministry sharing the gospel and making disciples:

Young Life sends out a team of volunteer leaders as ‘missionaries’ to a local high school where they will seek to meet and connect with students through what Young Life calls “contact work”. We know some students would never show up to a Christian event, so our volunteer leaders go to the school, to those students. In doing so, relationships are built and leaders can invite students to two weekly meetings, Club and Campaigners. Club is often called “a party with a purpose” because it truly is a fun time with lots of students but its ultimate purpose is at the end of the “party” when that volunteer leader gets up and shares an encounter from the Bible. Club is one method Young Life uses to accomplish the first part of its mission statement - “introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ”. One way we accomplish the last part of our mission statement, “helping them grow in their faith” is through our other weekly meeting, Campaigners. Campaigners is a small group meeting of students who want to hear more about the Bible and what it would look like to have a growing relationship with Christ. The Campaigner meeting equips students in their faith, encourages them with community from their school who also want to learn more about Jesus, and it gives them vision for their peers that don’t know Jesus. 

What a Young Life leader is:

Young Life takes students to an outreach camp every summer...

Here is a great video from camp last year

A story of life change directly from the ministry:

Arielle was first invited to a Young Life camp by a friend who was consistently attending Campaigners and Club at her school. Since she had never been to any Young Life program before, she was hesitant but the weekend was a blast for her and she can still remember the illustrations the club speaker gave to describe what a life with Jesus could be like if she trusted in Him. After that camp trip, she couldn't attend the weekly club and campaigner meetings due to work but God was still working on her heart. She slowly began to trust in Christ and own her relationship with Him. Her first semester of college, she found out that Young Life was training the next group volunteer leaders. She remembered how much fun she had at camp and how impactful her leaders were not only on that weekend but also to her friend that invited her. She went through training and has been a Young Life leader at Coatesville High School, her alma mater, for the last 2 years!

3-4 Prayer requests

  • Pray that Jesus would be working through the weekly Young Life programs, through the one-on-one discipleship between leaders and students and through the time leaders spend doing contact work.
  • Pray that God would send out more laborers into His harvest in the form of more Young Life leaders in this area.
  • Pray for our volunteer leaders and staff as they step into the often messy world of students - pray that God would equip them in decision making, in conversations and in all that leadership consists of to point students to Jesus.

2-3 ways Providence can tangibly get involved

  • Pray for volunteers and staff as they lead and pray that students would meet Christ and become life-long believers.
  • Become a volunteer leader. We have active ministries at Rustin, Henderson, West Chester East, Downingtown East & West and Coatesville High Schools as well as Pierce Middle School and Capernaum (Young Life for students with special needs). Pray about joining one of these missionary teams!
  • Help students go to Summer Camp! Attend or sponsor our Valentine’s event for parents and young children. All proceeds will go towards our Summer Camp Scholarship Fund. Check our website for more details on how to participate!

Ministry Needs:

1. Volunteer Leaders - college age or older to lead students with a team of other volunteer leaders; especially for Coatesville, Rustin, and Capernaum 
2. More high school students from all West Chester, Downingtown, and Coatesville areas to be able to experience YL
3. Monthly Donors 
4. (Adult) Volunteer Committee Members - monthly meetings and 2 annual fundraisers
5. Adults to host Campaigners or club in their home throughout the school year
6. Parents of current students to spread the word about YL
7. New Camp Fundraiser in February - We don’t want money to ever be the reason a student can’t experience camp and more importantly hear the truth and grace of Jesus at camp.

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