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Life is relationships. And in the life of the family of God, growth, individually and corporately, occurs within those relationships. So here are a few practical steps to start you on, and continue you on, your journey towards Building Relationships.

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The life of the family of God is vibrant and active because each of us has been uniquely gifted to play a part. What part has God gifted you to play? Here are a handful of ways you can use your unique gifts to Participate in the life of the family of God at Providence and around the world.

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One of the joys of being in the family of God is the opportunity we have for wonder and discovery: discovery of who God truly is, who we are as His children, and who the church is as the family of God. Check out these next steps designed to lead you down the path of Discovery.

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Each one of us has been created in the image of God. As image bearers, we have the opportunity to radiate His image to rest of the world, and in so doing, be influencers of His unending love to each other and those around us. Here are some practical steps to lead you on towards being a person of Influence.

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