Our Outdoor Baptism Service is September 27th

At Providence, we are better together. We partner with organizations, ministries, and individuals who are continuing Christ's work outside of our influence as a church. Learn more about our different partnerships using our partnership directory: 

This Month's Featured Partnership

Westside Community Center

Our Mission

Is to empower families and youth academically, socially and spiritually, inspiring them to take on leadership roles in their community.

Our Vision

We will be a center that not only serves the community, but one that is served by the community. Those who live within the community that the center serves will teach the programs and services offered by the Westside Community Center.

Puebla, Mexico

When considering Jesus' instructions to make disciples of all nations, we are reminded of two of Providences own core values: "disciples are made not born" and "we are better together." With this in mind, Providence is excited to announce...

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Sarah Racine

I was in the Middle East for the last nine months with TEAM studying Arabic and working with Refugees in the arts. I recently got appointed long term and am in the midst of training and support raising. Due to Covid and a lot of...

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