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Featured Partnership: Mission Senegal

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Mission Inter Senegal is the active branch of the Senegalese Evangelical Fellowship, a non-profit organization recognized by the government. MIS seeks to send out national missionaries to the towns and villages in the interior of Senegal who are without any Christian witness. As a non-denominational, private association with a holistic approach to ministry, Mission Inter Senegal's main role is to announce the message of Jesus Christ by means of national projects, development and evangelism.

Over the past 14 years, we've had the privilege of partnering with Mission Inter Senegal (MIS) and to dramatically change the trajectory of the Ngonine village’s health, viability and sharing of the Gospel.

We want you to be encouraged by this progress, but let’s be clear, we haven’t really finished. As our partnership with MIS played out, we came to realize that to set the village of Ngonine on a course to real self-sufficiency, both economically and spiritually, MIS had to change as well. We’ve spent months working towards a holistic solution, but in the end there are just too many disparate views on how to address the MIS needs. As a result, and keeping our focus on Ngonine and its community, we’ve taken a new approach that brings our own JULES CAHO more directly into this effort as a paid consultant leading a small, skilled staff to achieve these vital objectives. Part of this initiative will be working alongside MIS while maintaining the core objective of moving the village to real self-sufficiency and continued Christ-centered outreach to neighboring villages. 

Your support of this new direction is vital!


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