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Every Monday since December of 2002, a group of volunteers has met along the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia to provide a dignified meal to the homeless and hungry. We serve beef pasta, tuna pasta, chicken hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and dessert. We are committed to serving a meal that we would share with our families.

While the food line serves between 150-300 plates, another line begins to form, consisting of desperate men, women, and children who are in need of obtaining identification.

Over 170 shelters, halfway houses, and rehabs have referred their clients to Restart for assistance in obtaining proper identification. You cannot get a job, cash a check, receive medication, obtain housing, (etc.), without proper state identification.

In 2014, we helped over 5,000 Philadelphian's take a step toward independence by helping them get proper ID.

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