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  • The Helping Hand Rescue Mission (the non-profit above Restart) and Restart have remained open during Covid, serving all of our meals outside.  This has created obvious challenges for our formerly indoor dinners, but you truly see how hungry and desperate folks are for food and community when they walk miles and eat in the slush.
  • We have opened up a food pantry to meet the shifting need of our community.  We have given away thousands of pounds of food already and are grateful for the many donations that have stacked our shelves.
  • In wonderful amazing good news, the state of Pennsylvania answered our begging and prayers and passed legislation that gave the homeless free ID's in most situations.  We still have to cover about 20% of the ID's for those that are lost, but this is an amazing step for our community.
  • We have had a horrible year with gun violence, losing 3 youth to homicide, and another set of adults to senseless murders.  The pandemic has set off an unfortunate chain of events, each one raising crime slightly, leading to a 20% homicide increase from 2020, which already had inflated numbers.
  • We continue to host quick chapel messages and volunteers, operating fully despite our having most of our staff out for the year.
  • We have the most young people in college that we have ever had in this community.  Bashir and Tyreik are set to graduate in May, showing again that the unlikely path can become likely.

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Oct 1, 2021

Serving Leaders

What is ServingLeaders? They specialize in pastoral care, counseling and ministry coaching for leaders.

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