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Dolph Laraio

All Partnerships Life Transforming Ministries

The scriptures show us that the church is ONE in Christ.  Netzer Cohorts set this picture as church and ministry leaders come together decidedly as one church in a given geographical location. These Cohorts are where the rubber meets the road for the Netzer community: where we as leaders come not to lead worship, but to be part of worship;  not just to care for the flock, but to be the flock. Church leaders need support. When connected, cared for and encouraged, leaders are able to press deeper into their own worship of the Triune God and thereby increase their spiritual capacity to care for their congregations. In order to affectively lead the church we need to first be the church.

The church is not first about accomplishing a task, but about becoming an image-bearing people of God. As we gather, we worship the Lord and listen to Him together for one another. We press into each other's lives. We intercede together for the region we have been called to serve. We break bread, being humbly reminded together of our shared covenant and of the sole-sufficiency of the body and blood of Christ for both our lives and ministries. In the cohorts we observe the Lord developing trusting relationships between us, forming a community that serves as a container and dispenser for untold measures of His grace to be poured out to our congregations and to our land. 


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