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Sarah Racine

I was in the Middle East for the last nine months with TEAM studying Arabic and working with Refugees in the arts. I recently got appointed long term and am in the midst of training and support raising. Due to Covid and a lot of changes with being able to return to the Middle East, I am finding flexibility is key in this season. I am currently looking into ways I can be intentional with serving the body here, engaging Refugees and studying the Arabic language. 
Praise: Since being back in the States, I have been able to connect with multiple families and communities in regards to what God is doing in the Middle East and among Arabs. I am currently in MO (Mission Orientation) with my company TEAM and am excited to meet other workers who are looking at going to the field long term. 
Prayer: As COVID continues to hit the States hard, the Middle East will remain closed to allowing Americans back in. This has impacted a lot of workers who are trying to get to their ministry area. My stay in America has extended to at least March and I am in need of finding a job and housing. Please pray for God to make clear where that is. Also pray for navigating this unexpected long stay in the States. I know the Lord has a reason for this season and I want to remain hands open and intentional with what he has in store for it. 
My account ID: R,012452

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