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Where Is God in a Mass Shooting?

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Where Is God in a Mass Shooting? As we reflect on the events of this week, we'd like to share these words with you. View the original post from Russel Moore here. A few hours ago I was on the phone with a friend in Las Vegas. He and his neighbors had just lived through, and will be living...

Guest Post: Greg Lusby


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This past Monday night, I finally took the steps necessary towards becoming an emotionally healthy others words, I started the eight week Emotionally Healthy Relationships course that Providence offers every fall (big step, I know). And right from the outset, one of the first...

Social Justice Month: Guest post by Hannah Clark

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As I reflect on all the Lord has taught me about social justice, I distinctly remember a visit to Yangon, Myanmar during the summer of my sophomore year of college. My parents served with Operation Mobilization, teaching English to students after school. During one week of our stay, we had an...

In Response to Charlottesville

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Church, in light of what is happening in Charlottesville, I thought it was important to express a pastor's heart towards the issue. As we've learned in our study of Exodus, every human being is made in the image of God and loved by God more than we can imagine. Because every human being is...

Praise God! Amen!


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Editor's note: Each month, we focus on one of our partnerships as a ministry highlight. July's posts on Neema are coming to an end, but you can follow the Neema Project blog at  "Praise God.""Amen!""Praise God again.""Amen!" This call and response has become...

Neema Stories

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ELLY:  "I thank God for giving me a second chance.  The first part of my life was very bad, I did not think I would have another chance, but God has given me one.  I thank God for bringing me to this place.  I did not know how to pray, read the Bible, or preach.  I now...

Neema Partnership

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At Neema, we value partnership, fostering relationships for the purpose of community building.  Neema is a stronger organization because of our partnership with Providence.  By coming alongside one another, we strengthen each other to love and care for those we serve.  This is...



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