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ELLY:  "I thank God for giving me a second chance.  The first part of my life was very bad, I did not think I would have another chance, but God has given me one.  I thank God for bringing me to this place.  I did not know how to pray, read the Bible, or preach.  I now know the word of God and I can stand and preach."

IRENE:  "I have learned that Jesus can help.  God has changed my life.  I am someone better than I was before.  I have learned to pray and to offer forgiveness to those who hurt me,"

RUTH:  “When I came to Neema my life was down.  Then I met God.  I did not know God, I did not know worshipping.  Now I can preach and do many other things God sends us to do.”  (Ruth Nafula)

PAMELA:  "I had nothing to do at home and now I have been given purpose.  God has done many things in my life and I now recognize more of God."  

BILHA:  "Before I came to Neema I did not know Jesus.  But now I know Jesus and he makes me feel confident.  At Neema I got saved and learned to preach.  I can even share something with my friends.  At Neema I learned skills and I am happy because I am now earning money and I am an example to other Neema girls."

ELIZABETH:  When I sat at home, I did not know about God or how to pray.  Now I know how to pray and I know that God knows me.  My heart was hard when I stay home.  Now my heart is FREE!"

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