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Social Justice Month: Guest post by Melinda Snow

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Note from editor: Each month, we highlight a partnership, ministry, or topic on the Prov Blog. During the month of August, join us as we hear real stories about social justice, and learn how you can play a part in seeking Kingdom Justice in the world, leading up to Freedom Sunday on September 24th. 

45 million– That’s a hard number to wrap my mind around. I can imagine 100, 1,000 or even 10,000, but beyond that– I have a difficult time relating to large numbers. Typically, I ignore them, but not this time. Why is 45,000,000 important? It represents the number of people who are enslaved today in the 21st century. Today, International Justice Mission (IJM) estimates that there are more than 45 million people suffering from slavery today. That’s more than at any other time in human history. What? How can that be? Often when I read statistics like these I am emotionally moved. I might bring up the facts in a dinner conversation or post an article on my Facebook page. Yet, within a few days, I move those nameless millions of people to the back of my mind. I mean really, what can I do about it,

But this time my attention kept being drawn to the problem of slavery in our world through IJM's concept of Freedom Sunday. Freedom Sunday is an invitation for the church to set aside one day to learn about slavery and partnering with IJM to end it. One day to learn about slavery seemed reasonable to me; I could do that! As I started exploring IJMs materials about Freedom Sunday the concept of a tipping point: the critical point in a situation, process or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place came forward. I was reminded that in 1786 William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson began moving a nation toward a tipping point with a simple diagram of a slave ship. These men understood that “many small actions conducted in great faith can overpower even the most formidable odds.” Today the International Justice Mission believes we are closer than ever in reaching the tipping point that will end slavery in the world. Imagine, Providence,
lending our voices to that cause. Join me on Freedom Sunday, September 24th and learn how

Join me on Freedom Sunday, September 24th and learn how we can play a role in ending modern-day slavery.


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