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Ukraine Refugee / Crisis Relief

Giving to the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis


[Please note that this is far from an exhaustive list.]


  • Mission: To equip, connect and multiply followers of Jesus through discipleship and church planting across Europe.
  • Support for Ukrainian People: Most of our team is in Western Ukraine, close to the border with Poland. They find themselves in a strategic location to help the thousands of refugees arriving from central and eastern Ukraine. They have also turned their church and their offices into a refugee shelter. ECM also has associates in other parts of Ukraine: There is pastor and church planter, in south-western Ukraine, at the border with Slovakia and near the border with Hungary. This allows him to serve the many refugees coming to cross the border in his area. We also have a pastor and church planter near Kyiv. Their church (when safe) is being used as a transit center for people seeking to escape Ukraine's capital.


  • Mission: Reaching People for Christ by following Jesus’ example of showing God’s love to those in need.
  • Support for Ukrainian People: We are seeking funds for thousands of food parcels to be distributed to vulnerable children and families cut off from accessing basic needs as they seek safety for themselves. A gift of £15 ($20) will enable us to distribute a food parcel to a family in need. We are also responding to the 70,000 people who have fled Ukraine to Moldova where we have a team in the small village of Palanca close to the border. Here we are helping serve meals and providing shelter.



  • Mission: To provide spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ. 
  • Support for Ukrainian People: We have Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) members on the ground, and a 30-bed Emergency Field Hospital has been deployed with medical and non-medical personnel.


  • Mission: To fulfill the Great Commission by helping children learn how to follow Jesus. 
  • Support for the Ukrainian People: With an extensive network of clubs, churches, and devoted Christ followers in communities throughout rural Ukraine and in every country that borders Ukraine, we are uniquely positioned to meet physical and spiritual needs in this crisis. We are seeking to provide hot meals, food packages, mattresses, and medications at this time.


  • Mission: To follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.
  • Support for the Ukrainian People: Our response will grow to meet the changing needs of families fleeing to Romania, where we have worked since 1990. We’re also supporting our offices across the region, including Georgia and Armenia, engaged closely with the U.N., and seeking partnerships in the area.


Legacy Refuge
  • MissionWe exist to see every orphan come to faith in Christ, adopted, and empowered to live a healthy productive life and reach their God given potential.  
  • Support for the Ukrainian People: Our mission is to see every orphan in Ukraine saved, loved, adopted, and empowered to live a healthy productive life and reach their God given potential. 
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