Mar 10, 2019 | Emanuele Madanat

Mindsets of Influence

Matthew 25:1-46

Read Matthew 25:14-30

Why does Jesus teach in parables?

What simple truths in this parable should guide us to a healthy mindset? (v. 14)

Read Psalm 8:3-6

What does Jesus trust us with?

What does your current mindset reveal about what God has trusted you with? Are you aware of the effect your mindset has on your daily life?

Talk about a time your mindset affected a situation in a positive or negative way. What would you tell others facing the same situation?

Do you trust Him? Would you be able to say that to Him at his return? 

“You have the perfect personality and talents to fulfill the mission God is entrusting to you.”  Matthew Kelly


Here I am Lord. I am not hiding.
Send me on the assignment you choose.
I am your servant; you are my Leader.
Send me…
to speak up at the risk of losing face,
to invest my assets for returns I can only cash in eternity,
to give away my talents in secret,
to lose my life while the battle still seems hopeless.
Here I am…

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