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Prov Blog

Middle East Missions
Nov 18, 2017

I work in the Middle East among refugees. Country-less, they cannot work, have no citizenship, and no rights. They cannot own property, open a bank account, or legally get a phone. All they can do is sit and wait on the U.N.. Daily, we go into these slums and share stories of Christ with our Muslim friends. These Muslim communities are being touched by God’s truth and love. We have the privilege of watching God move.

Nate Kutz is home temporarily from serving in the refugee camps in the Middle East. 

Prov Blog

International Justice Mission
Mar 13, 2017

“How do they do this day after day? How do they handle seeing this evil all the time and keep going?” These were my questions as I headed to the International Justice Mission Global Prayer Gathering last weekend. Just home from Haiti, I knew I was exhausted and really didn’t have much emotional endurance left. As I settled into my seat for the opening session, I knew these people were going to carry me through. Gary Haugen, IJM founder, took the stage and opened with a declaration. “In order to stay to prepare the soul to go to war, we must ground ourselves in the truth of God and Scripture. We need solid hand-holds in Scripture to make this climb”, Gary says in his reassuring tone. And for the next 24 hours that’s exactly what they did. They taught me to prepare my soul, find the hand-holds and exactly what that involves.

I will confess I didn’t make it through all the sessions last weekend. I fled when the details of the abuse of children started being discussed. I even retreated for a 2 hour nap at one point knowing I had reached my healthy limit. I continue to be astounded by the ways humans can destroy other humans. But that’s nothing new, right? Maybe it’s my mother’s heart. Just as I felt like I was plummeting into despair and feeling yet another punch to the gut as they described the crimes they are fighting all over the world, I would feel myself buoy up with the hope and inspiration that overflows from the caseworkers and employees. There is a tenacity and a passion in this organization that can only be explained by the power of the Holy Spirit. It sends chills up our spines when they say to sex traffickers, “We are coming for you and we will not give up until we find you.” Praise God. It is my fervent prayer that they won’t quit, that human slavery WILL end. But their work and that victory is totally reliant on a faithful God and the power of the prayers of the saints. Thank you IJM for defending and freeing children and victims all over the world. Our prayers go with you.

Prov Blog

Senegal 2016
Mar 06, 2017

The table is set with a collection of perfectly curated dishes and glasses, the lavender candles are lit under the bounty of flower arrangements around the room and the cheese plate sits on the bar anxiously awaiting the arrival of my close friends. According to my latest Martha Stewart Living magazine, I had nailed hospitality. Or so I thought…

Stepping into the Senegalese village of Ngonine, I can’t say I knew what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t a gracious lesson on true hospitality. The first time we walked into one of the compounds, we were greeted with hugs, smiles and the seat of honor. These people have never met me before. I was completely overwhelmed. Despite my clumsy attempts to communicate, we shared our lives through sincere and focused conversation until one of the women said, “We are so overjoyed that you are here, we would like to dance for you!” With a granola bar in my pocket, I looked around the dusty compound at the hard-working women cooking our food for the evening over a hot open flame, who were assumingly hungry themselves, so overjoyed by our presence that it prompted a physical demonstration of their joy. An image of the glossy magazine spread demonstrating how to be the “hostess with the mostess” flashed through my head. As a host back home, I had lost focus on my guests. These women are Marys who invited in a Martha like me, a complete stranger, and bathed me in true, unconditional and grace-filled hospitality.  

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so, some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

Prov Blog

Celebrating 12 Years of Friendship
Mar 01, 2017

I praise God for the work He has done over the last 11 years, mostly in our hearts, through our partnership with Mission Inner Senegal and specifically with our village, Ngonine (Go-neen). As many of you know, God has allowed us to care for the people holistically through medicine, providing clean water and now a church with a pastor. I am humbled by what He has done and look forward to what He will continue to do. Over the last 11 years, we have built strong relationships with our brothers and sisters in Ngonine; we are committed to them in prayer and annual visits. We look forward to the growth of the church, partnering with them in an agricultural livestock project and helping Ngonine church reach surrounding villages with the Gospel. 

I am thankful for each person who has visited Ngonine over the last 11 years. I am grateful for this year’s team and anticipate the Father’s impact as we make ourselves available for His ministry.                                           Mike Carnuccio

Please PRAY WITH US ~ 31 Days of Prayer for Senegal will be on the Providence Senegal Facebook page. 

Day 1: Surrendered and transformed hearts of the team members; good health and traveling mercies (trip dates: March 10-19)

Prov Blog

Prayer of Consecration
Jan 15, 2017

Father God, my Creator, I present my body to You, and to Your Son, My Savior, and to Your Holy Spirit, My Helper. 

Every part of me was made by You, is redeemed through You and exists for fellowship with You.

I confess to You that I have used My body in ways that refused You and abused myself and others. 

I want all that You made me for to become an increasing reality every day that I live. 

Forgive me. Heal me. I am Yours.

I align my thoughts with Your thoughts.

I yield my affections to Your affections.

I offer my skills for Your purposes.

I offer my weaknesses for Your empowerment.

I bring my relationships under the authority of Your Kingdom.

Let my eyes and ears learn to see and hear as You do.

Let my hands and feet take me to places that I will serve as You serve.

And for all of the resources You have given me, I pray that You would release my hold; that every good gift, coming from You, would be a tool in Your loving and wise hands and not my own.

Let my soul find rest in You,

And my spirit soar in Your presence.

“And I will meditate on Your wonderful works.” Ps. 145:6  



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