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Neema Stories
Jul 18, 2017

ELLY:  "I thank God for giving me a second chance.  The first part of my life was very bad, I did not think I would have another chance, but God has given me one.  I thank God for bringing me to this place.  I did not know how to pray, read the Bible, or preach.  I now know the word of God and I can stand and preach."

IRENE:  "I have learned that Jesus can help.  God has changed my life.  I am someone better than I was before.  I have learned to pray and to offer forgiveness to those who hurt me,"

RUTH:  “When I came to Neema my life was down.  Then I met God.  I did not know God, I did not know worshipping.  Now I can preach and do many other things God sends us to do.”  (Ruth Nafula)

PAMELA:  "I had nothing to do at home and now I have been given purpose.  God has done many things in my life and I now recognize more of God."  

BILHA:  "Before I came to Neema I did not know Jesus.  But now I know Jesus and he makes me feel confident.  At Neema I got saved and learned to preach.  I can even share something with my friends.  At Neema I learned skills and I am happy because I am now earning money and I am an example to other Neema girls."

ELIZABETH:  When I sat at home, I did not know about God or how to pray.  Now I know how to pray and I know that God knows me.  My heart was hard when I stay home.  Now my heart is FREE!"

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Neema Partnership
Jul 11, 2017

At Neema, we value partnership, fostering relationships for the purpose of community building.  Neema is a stronger organization because of our partnership with Providence.  By coming alongside one another, we strengthen each other to love and care for those we serve.  This is evident in the strong and lasting relationships that develop between those supporting Neema girls or investing their time in traveling to Kenya, spending time fostering relationships with the staff and girls at Neema.  Together we are impacting one another to love Jesus and love others.   

This week as a Providence team is in Kitale, we are seeing and hearing first hand how the Lord is at work, transforming hearts for His glory.  At the heart of Neema's work is discipleship, cultivating Christ-centered mentoring for the purpose of personal and community transformation.  On Sunday, 21 Neema girls made the decision to make a public profession of their faith by being baptized. Leaders from a local Kenyan church joined together with leaders from Providence to baptize these young women.  The team and the Neema family stood together to celebrate each one of these precious lives as they took this step in their journey with Christ.  

Together, we have an opportunity to spur one another on in our faith and love for Christ and others.  Together, we celebrate the life transformation that comes from being made whole from the inside out.  Whether it is Bilha in Kenya or Brooke in West Chester, we are all made in His image and we all have an opportunity to be deeply impacted by our relationships with Christ and one another.  

Thank you for continuing to partner with Neema, as we seek to share the greatest story ever told to some pretty incredible vulnerable young women, for the glory of God. 

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Neema Team 2017
Jul 03, 2017
Relationships are an essential aspect of life, especially when providing an environment for young women to experience healing personally, in a family and within a community.  For the glory of God, Neema exists to serve and equip vulnerable young women in Kitale, Kenya through skills training, counseling, and discipleship. From July 5th-14th, a team will be traveling to Neema to continue to build and strengthen those relationships necessary for growth and transformative healing. We will be continuing to learn about healthy poverty alleviation within our local and global communities by using and celebrating all of our unique gifts.
You can stay connected to the team's steps and hear updates on the Neema Project by following the Neema blog, looking for #neemavisit2017 on Instagram, and most importantly, joining us in prayer and memorization of Psalm 16 (ESV) as we unite with these strong, beautiful, young women.

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Summer Missions with Big World Ventures
Jun 19, 2017

For the past 4 summers, the Hutchison Girls have attended the Big World Ventures mission trips to Central and South Americas, each lasting 2-3 weeks. Although the goal and outline of the ministry is similar, what is extremely important to us is the variety of people we encounter. In Ecuador, we ministered to many people of all different demographics. In Costa Rica, we encountered a lot of homeless people. In the San Blas islands in Panama, we played with many children and spoke and prayed with the natives in their huts. This summer in Lima, Peru, we will be ministering to people helping with work projects, and through drama in parks, orphanages, schools, neighborhoods, and churches. After each drama presentation or work project, we’ll have the opportunity to share one-on-one with the Nationals and lead them to Jesus with the help of volunteers from local churches. These local church representatives will get each new convert’s name and address for follow-up and discipleship.  The local churches truly appreciate our willingness to come and assist them with their community!  This summer we have the ability to stay for a third week in Cusco, and minister to young girls and women. 

Another reason we feel God pulling us towards these trips every year is because of the incredible Christian environment. Being surrounded by teens, just like us, with the same love for God that we have, is something we don’t get to experience in our day to day lives. As we continually pour out our love for Jesus and share the word of God with the natives every day, we are also being poured into spiritually, through various speakers every night, morning devotionals, and worship.
Please pray for us (Hannah, Amanda & Sophie) and for the folks of PERU to open their hearts to the love of God and for the lost to be saved. To learn more about our mission trip, visit the website:

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Testimony from Kurdistan
Jun 07, 2017
Greetings from Pennsylvania!
I arrived back safely last week, just in time to surprise my mom for Mother's Day.  :)  It has been a busy week spending much needed time with family and friends.  And tomorrow I leave for a week in Utah with my dad.  The adventure just keeps on going!
It is hard to summarize the past four months and all that I have experienced.  In short, they were some of the best months I have had in a long, LONG time.  From Day 1 God provided me with peace and assurance that I was in the right place.  Though there were some hard days, I never once felt like this was a bad idea or that I shouldn't be there.  What an answer to prayer in knowing that God's faithfulness could be felt from the beginning.  
As some of you know, my "plans" are ever-changing, and at this point I am pretty sure I am going to stay in PA for the summer, and head back to the end of August.  That could change of course!  :)  No matter how long I stay in PA, I definitely plan to go back to Kurdistan.  I am seeking God's guidance for the "next step" and how long my next trip will be.  I did not think it would be this hard to leave Kurdistan and the wonderful friends I have made there!  I will keep all of you updated during this journey.  
For now, I leave you with a video that shows you a bit of my life in Kurdistan.  (link at bottom)  God is at work there - He is moving in peoples hearts and stirring their affection towards Him.  It is a beautiful and humbling movement to be a part of.
I am able to be there and be a part of it because of YOU!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


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