Artists Initiative

Artists Initiative

We have an obligation today to be building our own cultures to create and influence out of. As believers, full of God's spirit, there's no reason why we should not be the MOST inspired, and inspirational creators, as we are fed by THE creator. Here at Prov, we already have this culture growing among us. We want to see artists rise up and unite within our body, moving the people of our communities in fresh new ways! Creative expression touches and moves humanity forward in a way like no other medium. It changes the way people think and inspires the future. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to be playing our part in this because as long as we don't, other influences will. Are we, the church, taking the responsibility of the gospel in our lives - the love, truth and hope that we believe in, and playing our part in that in the world? Art shapes culture... it's not important because it's a nice thing... it's important because it changes lives in the way only art can, in a much deeper way.

If you are a creative person at Prov, whether this is something you've ever shared or not, please join the Arts Community at Providence by contacting Steve or Brenna. 

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The Artists Forum

Post ideas, dreams, proposals, collaborations, or ask for feedback using the Prov Artists' Feedback. We hope this space becomes a catalyst for the Prov Artist community to create and inspire new projects. 

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