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At Providence Church, we believe that our vision is an inspiring picture of our chosen future. A vision story paints a vivid description of our envisioned future, and “puts a flag in the sand.” The flag is a little ways off, but it’s high enough and big enough that we can all see it and head toward it. We may not travel in an exactly straight line (the way we plan to), and we may move the flag (change the vision) a little as time goes on… but we’ll all get there, together, eventually. We wrote the following vision story in 2016, envisioning what Providence Church would be like 10 years later, in 2026.

Culture is Changing.

Providence is a regionally prominent part of a transformation of culture that is occurring because of the re-emergence of the Christian church as an intentional community revealing the true nature of God. This community is open and welcoming to all. It loves and serves people of all ages and backgrounds restoring those marginalized and discriminated against. It is joyful, genuine, positive, and passionate, providing an inspiring narrative of hope that draws people to Jesus.


Communities Transformed by Local Churches

Providence is and has always been a part of the beauty of our local communities. Local churches and campuses reflect our community demographics and culture.  

Our care and love for our communities drives our desire to be present and engaged in the restorative and transformational process of each local area.  We continue to do this through local Providence churches and campus locations. Over 2,500 people celebrate each week through inspiring, truth-filled, and passionate worship services held throughout the region. We are a place where authenticity is championed and grace abundant. From that place, people take the healing message of Jesus back to workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. “Go” stories fill our communication channels as young and old realize their unique purpose.  

We continue to bring people to Jesus– forging through all of the clutter, religious expectations, and traditions. Our spirituality is reflective and responsive to the Spirit. Emotionally healthy spirituality has been a bedrock of our assimilation process for 0ver 10 years, and being a part of our community means embracing the rhythms of living and loving well. People are purposeful in their singleness and marriage. Healthy and restored marriages are a sign of the love of God. People are abandoning old ways of doing life and learning new and loving ways to be in community– being the family of Christ. Newer and older believers are growing in their faith, hope, and love for Jesus through personal discipleship. This continues to connect believers together for growth while also empowering each person to multiply their faith with others in a simple and recognizable way. 

Regional Collaboration, Unity, and Impact.

We provide inspiration, leadership and tools that foster unity and collaboration among churches and organizations in the Philadelphia Region.

We started locally and God grew our focus and influence regionally. We realized that God had placed us in one of the most populated and unchurched metro regions of the country. This latter part is changing. This is our opportunity. This is our time in God’s story. Providence is uniting and leading other churches and organizations in the region with the vision to reach every man, woman, and child with repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel. We are now a family of churches and organizations committed to local and regional transformation. We say “family” because we care and love one another deeply, we commit financial and human resources to the vision, our leaders connect, train, and support one another, and we gather together for larger worship services and community development projects. We are organized and intentional because we know the power of committed relationships and collaboration towards a common vision.         

Our leaders are regional influencers. We continue to lead the region in training and content creation for Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Our live Emotionally Healthy Leader seminars held annually draw over 250 leaders from around the country. Our successful collaboration with Young Life and CRU has led to articles and books written to spur the local, regional, and global church to collaborate. Our pastoral residency has now developed, trained, and sent out its 25th Pastor in the last 10 years.  

The regional Providence Center, now over 7 years old, is a facility housing an inspiring worship and training space, an engaging children and student ministry space, a purposeful community center space, and our new art and design studio. It is used daily and facilitates training, equipping, and inspiration.

Young Adults Shaping Culture for Jesus

We are deeply committed to the development and discipleship of young adults.   

Those between the ages of 16-29 are at the front lines of cultural influence and, in turn, cultural power. We desire to equip them with grace and truth to shape future culture from the inside out. We hire young, are intentional to equip and empower this generation of leaders, and are known regionally for attracting this group to the love and hope found only in Jesus. We preach with them in mind, sing with them in mind, and love with them in mind. This is a priority for us. We measure it. Over 50% of our people today fall into this demographic.

The older generations at Providence are empowered and have the vision to passionately disciple and mentor the younger generations—they are their spiritual fathers and mothers. Our internship program continues to draw young talent each year and the waiting list grows.

The Arts Expressing the Love of Jesus

We impact our culture through diverse expressions of creativity in the arts.  This is prominent in our mission to lead people to Jesus.  

Humanity images God and the creative essence of the arts is a vivid explanation of His character. We at Providence embrace and see the arts as a medium to express Jesus and His love. We see the arts as a powerful means to shape and influence culture. Our regional arts studio draws artists from around the country who collaborate and create for the glory of God. Paintings, music, and other artistic expressions are being recognized in and outside of Christian circles. Recognized artists lead this vision and continue to draw other artists into a collaborative effort for the good of this region. Providence Sunday celebrations are known for expressions of creativity and art. We create albums and videos of original music that are distributed globally, providing inspiration to people all over the world. We are now recording our third album and have influenced secular and Christian music with our unique artistry. We celebrate our latest film production released in 2025 as we continue to bring light to social injustices through art.  

Collaboration and Development Locally and Internationally

We are committed to building long-term relationships with partners locally and around the world.  

We aren’t fair-weather friends or saviors. We are committed to building long-term relationships with partners in ministry throughout the world. We believe that these partnerships are most effective when we help our partners utilize the knowledge, skills, abilities, relationships and vision that they have for their own communities. We need our brothers and sisters and routinely invite them to speak, share, and pray with and for us.  

We are a conduit that draws out the God-given gifts and abilities of community members, equipping and empowering people to join together and meet the unique needs that are present. The Westside Community Center in West Chester, PA has led Providence in this for over 15 years. Now, other community centers have formed with similar purposes and passions.  

God’s love for the world motivates us to love and respond to needs in various places around the globe. We pray earnestly for other regions and for the ending of slavery and oppression in all forms. Our devotion to the equipping and empowering of the younger generation has also led us to currently have 15 committed leaders in various places around the world.

We have now seen three churches formed in Senegal in our 19 years of partnership with our brothers and sisters there.

Neema, which started thirteen years ago in Kitale, Kenya, now has 5 other locations around the world. Neema’s mission of empowering women has never wavered. Today, several of Neema’s leaders are women who attended the program when they were younger.

Our partnership in Latin America, now entering its 7th year, continues to be strong and is changing not only our hearts, but also this hemisphere.

This Vision Funded Through Generosity and Business

Our vision is big and so is our trust in God’s provision through people and business.  

Our financial model is innovative and entrepreneurial. We rent facilities, coach and consult, start businesses, and produce music to fund the movement. Now launching our third enterprise, we believe that the medium of business can fund the future and sustain the present. We collaborate with business owners and leaders, forging creative ways to meet needs in our church and community.

We are a family where generosity isn’t simply talked about, but expressed.  People give abundantly and creatively. They give to one another, to the poor, to the orphan and widow, to anyone, as God leads. They give generously and sacrificially to Providence through gifts of cash, stock, vehicles, homes and estates knowing their gifts help bring heart and cultural transformation through the work of the church in this world.