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At Providence Church, we believe that our vision is an inspiring picture of our chosen future. A vision story paints a vivid description of our envisioned future, and “puts a flag in the sand.” The flag is a little ways off, but it’s high enough and big enough that we can all see it and head toward it. We may not travel in an exactly straight line (the way we plan to), and we may move the flag (change the vision) a little as time goes on… but we’ll all get there, together, eventually. We wrote the following vision story in 2016, envisioning what Providence Church would be like 10 years later, in 2026.

Culture is Changing.

Providence is a regionally prominent part of a transformation of culture that is occurring because of the re-emergence of the Christian church as an intentional community revealing the true nature of God. This community is open and welcoming to all. It loves and serves people of all ages and backgrounds restoring those marginalized and discriminated against. It is joyful, genuine, positive, and passionate, providing an inspiring narrative of hope that draws people to Jesus.