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College Ministry


Providence College Ministry exists to prepare college-aged young adults to be biblically-rooted, missional, and resilient followers of Jesus through discipleship, formative communities, and committed participation in Jesus’ work through the local church.

College Mentorship Cohorts (CMCs) 

Providence’s College Ministry is all about connecting young adults more intimately to Jesus, God’s Word, a mentor-figure, Providence church, and fellow college students pursuing growth in their faith.

Family Dinners

Family Dinners are a way to connect our students to more people in the Providence church family. It is a great way to meet other college-aged individuals and eat a home cooked meal! These dinners happen once a month on Sunday evenings, 6:30PM at a home within the West Chester region. Hope to see you there!

Vision for our College-Aged Young Adults:  

Ambassadors, not homebodies
Community shapers, not community observers
Scripture-saturated, not Scripture-starved
Intergenerational discipleship, not solitary growth
Committed family members, not passive guests

CMC Quickfacts

  • They meet on a semester-by-semester basis. 

  • The format: a weekly in-depth Bible study and time for fellowship with peers, led by someone older in the church.  

  • Meet in the leaders’ home. 

  • CMCs require an attendance commitment for everyone’s benefit. 

How to Get Involved 

1. Fill out the contact form for more information about CMCs. Someone will directly reach out to you.

Contact form

2. Sign up to join a CMC.

CMC Sign-Up Form

3. Check Prov College Instagram and pay attention to announcements on Sunday morning regarding upcoming college events.