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College Ministry

College Mentorship Cohorts (CMCs) 

Providence’s college ministry is all about connecting young adults more intimately to Jesus, God’s Word, a mentor-figure, Providence church, and fellow college students pursuing growth in their faith.

CMC Quickfacts

  • They meet on a semester-by-semester basis. 
  • The format: a weekly in-depth Bible study and time for fellowship with peers, led by someone older in the church.  
  • Meet in the leaders’ home. 
  • CMCs require an attendance commitment for everyone’s benefit. 

How to Get Involved 

1. Fill out the contact form for more information about CMCs. Someone will directly reach out to you.

Contact form

2. Sign up to join a CMC.

CMC Sign-Up Form

3. Check Prov’s Instagram and pay attention to announcements on Sunday morning regarding upcoming college events. If you would like to receive our events newsletter, email Ashley at

Monday nights @ 7:30PM
- Studying Colossians
- Location: The Lynch's house in Exton 
- All college-aged young adults welcome, including recent graduates from both high school and college


  • Providence’s Core Values:  Jesus is the focus; Imperfect people are welcome; Transformation happens from the inside out; We are a family; Disciples are made not born; We are better together; t’s the beginning of the end if we do not reach young people
  • Practical Apprenticeship to Jesus:  Digest topics relevant to emerging adults by anchoring studies in God’s Word and practicing actionable application together. 
  • Accessibility to Seasoned Believers:  Connect mentors possessing more life experience and wisdom to young adults, shepherding them closer to Jesus. 
  • Solidarity and Fellowship:  Support, exhort and encourage one another in a transparent community with the same gender.
  • Hospitality:  Meet in leaders’ homes (as much as possible) for a context conducive to building community.
  • Commitment:  Provide ample opportunity for discussion, relationship-building, and prayer through requiring dedication from all members. 
  • Life Group Gateway:  Reflect and ultimately redirect college-aged young adults to Providence Church’s available Life Groups.


At Prov, we believe it is the beginning of the end if we don’t reach young people.

CMCs are college-age focused because we deeply care about this season in young adults’ lives, with all of its unique challenges, joys, transitions, pressures, doubts, insecurities, and unknowns. We have faith in their God-given potential and want to invest in their growth toward who God intends them to be. 

We also believe that we are a family.

CMCs strive to offer college-aged young adults a Life Group that feels like family, as the groups meet in the leaders’ homes. They are designed to nurture close community with a few peers. Furthermore, CMCs are intended to foster relationships with Providence members beyond a young adult’s peer group in order to help them connect with the larger family of God.


At Prov, Jesus is the focus.

 The whole point of gathering together as believers is to spur one another on in our faith, encouraging and challenging each other into maturity as followers of Christ. 

We also believe disciples are made, not born.

Discipleship does not magically happen; it must be pursued and invested in. The “mentorship” component of CMCs serves to fulfill a need among college-aged young adults for intentional discipleship in how to follow Jesus by someone older and wiser. CMCs provide you with unique access to a more seasoned Providence member’s undivided attention once a week for Bible study and exploration, prayer, and a warm space to process life through a Christian worldview.


At Prov, we believe we are better together.

The “cohort” aspect involves learning from one another through Bible study and discussion, sharing stories and experiences, and appreciating new viewpoints. In many ways, CMCs are a learning environment. 

Imperfect people are welcome. As a learning environment, it does not matter how knowledgeable or even “perfectly Christian” you are; a desire for growth in one’s relationship with and knowledge of God is the only prerequisite. 

Finally, we believe transformation happens from the inside out. 

To get the most out of the cohort, we expect all members to invest in their personal relationship with God outside of the group, not just once a week. As you study the Word in community and individually, we believe God will transform you this semester.