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Providence Artists Initiative



Providence Artists Initiative is a collaboration local to Philadelphia, PA designed to empower artists, both within a church community and not within a church community, to bridge the gap between denominations and cultural backgrounds, better one another in the process, and bring unity by creating something beautiful together. We look to be a force of influence in the arts - whether in film, music, dance, fine art, writing, you name it - with only the sky as our limit. We believe in the human and divine responsibility to tell our stories and wield well our power to shape culture, and we also believe each of us are transformed for the best when we stretch out to work together. 

Are we, the church, taking the responsibility of the gospel in our lives - the love, truth and hope that we believe in, and playing our part in that in the world? We invite artists to participate with us in creating space where others may find community through collaboration and Jesus through creativity, impacting the world with what we produce together. Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome and seek to empower you. Be a part of the movement, get involved in the arts at Providence by reaching out to Steve or Brenna, or read more below:  


A collaborative group that meets regularly to equip, encourage, and foster community for aspiring writers in and outside the Church. All welcome!


A team of filmmakers, beginner and experienced, writing and producing original film together, as well as making Sunday gatherings further accessible through live Broadcast. Come learn with us! All welcome, regardless of experience level.

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