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Providence Artists Initiative

Empowering and unifying the collaboration and creative expression of artists across the Philadelphia area and community of Providence Church, toward the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ.

our mission

Providence Artists Initiative is a collaboration local to Philadelphia, PA designed to empower artists, both within a church community and otherwise, to bridge the gap between denominations, cultural backgrounds, better one another in the process, and bring unity by creating something beautiful together. We believe in the human and the divine responsibility to tell our stories and wield well our power to shape culture. We also believe each of us are transformed for the best when we stretch out to work together.

Our prayer is to be a force of influence in the arts through writing, dance, music, film, production, fine art, and beyond, for the Kingdom of Heaven. We invite artists to participate with us in taking responsibility for the Gospel in our lives - the faith, hope, and love of Jesus Christ, by creating space where others can find community through collaboration, and our Creator through creativity, impacting the world with what we produce together. Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome and seek to empower you.

Be a part of the movement, get involved in the arts at Providence by reaching out to Bri at .

 Meet the PAI creative team!  

Matt Magarahan

Artists Initiative Music Ministry Pastor

Steve Henricks

Artists Initiative (PAI) Tech Director

Brenna Henricks

Artists Initiative (PAI) Arts Director

Abby Carmody

Communications Specialist + Graphic Designer + Artists Initiative (PAI) Filmmaker

Bri Murphy

Decor and Facilities Coordinator + Artists Initiative (PAI) Admin

Julia Kennedy

PAI Dance Ministry Lead

Ryan Roe

PAI Comedy Ministry Lead

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