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Advent Devo 2023

Men's Retreat - Wild at Heart

November 5, 2023 12:00am

Calling all men looking for a renewed Christ-centered perspective. The Wild at Heart Boot Camp is a nationally renowned, locally assembled retreat that is designed to awaken, strengthen, and replenish the intended passions and mission of a Spirit-led masculine heart. The retreat will take you on a personal journey of awakening, periods of solemn reflection with God, meaningful rest, enriching engagement in fellowship with your community brothers, and a compelling confrontation with God’s call on your life. Register today and join your local Prov. Community of gentlemen with an unrelenting fire within to pursue a life lived in Christ, unhindered. Please do not allow finances, or any other solvable limitation, to restrict your participation. Contact your Providence Wild at Heart representatives to share your particular limitation before canceling yourself out. This is important. You are important and your walk requires a Spirit-led revitalization necessary for the battles ahead.

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Join other men from Providence for Wild at Heart Basic at Tel Hai Camp in Honey Brook | November 2nd (5:30pm start time) - November 5th (1:00pm end time). 

What is BASIC?

Wild at Heart BASIC is Wild at Heart Boot Camp led by John Eldredge and his team through video session in your local area.

Why do I need BASIC?

A man needs a deeper understanding of his masculine heart—and why God made him just like that. What if those deep desires in our hearts are telling us the truth, revealing to us the lives we were meant to live? A man must know he is powerful; he must know he has what it takes. The way we handle the heart is everything. Basic is not a retreat about the “seven things a man ought to do to be a nicer guy.” It is a four-day quest into the recovery of a man’s masculine soul, the release of a man’s heart—his passions and his true nature—all given him by God.

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What is the Cost?

The cost of the retreat is $200 per person. All meals and housing are included in the cost of the retreat.

Scholarships are available for those who need assistance. Please reach out to Nelson at or Fady at if you would like to request a scholarship. 

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