"Thank you for sharing the journey with us today. I’m full, and understand more clearly why you need more space.

This experience was rare. . . people who did not know Justin, Matt or me approached us with “Hi, welcome.” Hymns played in a different time signature than originally written was unique and beautiful. It was a unique blessing to hear people around me engaged in singing. It was a community worshipping, a little taste of heaven’s sound. During greeting time, folks were genuinely reaching across their seats to say Hi, share their names, smiling, hugging, very genuine. During the sermon my friend Matt was saying “Amen and yes“ like an old-time Baptist believer, and by the last worship song, Justin, Matt and I were in tears. Service ended but we sat back in our seats, needing time to settle in with God’s “Hello love, I’m in the boat with you. . .”

–– recent, first-time visitor to Providence


is not just about expanding our primary space, for we believe God is building a kingdom that is grounded on the faith of His people. When one heart is transformed by Christ, that heart becomes a catalyst of influence to the lives around it. In that light, the power of one gives us vision for the future and allows us to imagine our story ten years from now. Creating space is just the beginning!

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We seek


to expand and renovate our space to accommodate current needs and provide for continued growth of Providence Church and the Westside Community Center.







We reached our groundbreaking goal!



sunday gatherings at 9am + 11am

starting july 14th 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Expanding the Table?”

A: Expanding the Table is a 3-year initiative to grow the space, ministries, and influence of Providence Church in the local community and beyond.

Our prayer is that the reconfiguration of our physical space will better serve and impact the lives of those who currently worship here, as well as those who will someday join our family.

This initiative is not just about adding physical seats “to the table” — although we do need them. Our ultimate prayer is that this expansion will give more people in our region a chance to find their “seat” at God’s table for all of eternity.

Why are we expanding instead of starting another church?

A: Providence has not changed its long-term mission of reproducing churches in new areas. However, we’ve learned that starting healthy, sustainable churches requires the identification, cultivation, and training of good leaders. This takes time, and we’re committed to doing this well. Even as we expand our current church, we will continue this mission.

Why expansion instead of relocation?

A: As we evaluated how to address the limitations of our current property, we considered alternative options such as relocation. But ultimately, we felt that our heartbeat for being a light in the borough of West Chester would be weakened if we moved our campus out of the community we are trying to reach. Additionally, we didn’t want to create further barriers, such as additional transportation needs, for the people who participate in many of the ministries and outreaches each week.


When does construction begin?

A: As of February, construction is planned to begin early summer of 2019 and is anticipated to last through 2020.

How will this expansion impact parking?

A: Anyone who has attended Providence has experienced the frustration and inconveniences of our current parking situation. Adding “more seats at the table” will continue to require creativity in our planning, as well as our collective willingness to be flexible.

We are excited to say that although our building structure is being expanded, our current onsite parking availability will remain the same. Additionally, we are working with the Elks Club and other nearby businesses to better accommodate our growing parking needs.

How will construction impact Prov Services?

A: We are working with the construction company to create a phased-plan that has the least amount of impact as possible on services during the renovation.

However, we estimate that there will be a few months where we’ll need to move our services to an alternate location. Our team is currently researching options and will keep you updated as we know more.


How much does it cost to sponsor “1 seat at the table”?

A: By our current calculations, if every regular attender of the church sponsored “a seat at the table” for $3,500, we could fully fund the construction elements of the project.

However, we understand that not everyone can give equally. So we are asking that you consider sponsoring more “seats” if you are able, to help accomplish our lofty goal of raising $4 million to expand the table.

What is a pledge?

A: A pledge is the total amount you plan to give over the length of the campaign (a 3-year period). Pledges can be divided into monthly, quarterly, or annual giving, as well as one-time gifts. How you fulfill giving your full pledge amount is up to you, but having a sense of what amount you’re committing to the campaign helps us track the progress of the campaign fundraising goal.

How do I make a pledge to the campaign?

A: You can make a pledge toward the campaign by filling out a pledge card and 1) returning it to , 2) dropping it off in the foyer box at church, or 3) mailing it to: Providence Church, PO Box 663 West Chester, PA 19381. Pledge cards are available at providencewc.org/expandingthetable/

When should I start giving my pledge?

A: Once we’ve received your pledge card, we ask you to begin giving towards your pledge within 30 days. For your convenience, you can set up automatic payments through PushPay.

As you set up your gift, consider using a bank account or debit transfer to save the project in processing fees. Or avoid the fees altogether by checking to see if your bank offers free check drafting/bill pay services.

If I already give to Prov, should my pledge be separate?

A: First of all, if you already give regularly to Providence—THANK YOU! We are so grateful for the generosity and sacrifice you make to support this ministry.

From a budget perspective, regular giving is used to pay for operational expenses and ongoing ministry expenses, not the expansion project. In light of that, yes, we ask that your pledge be separate from your regular giving. Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this campaign.

If I use PushPay to give to Providence, how do I make sure my pledge goes toward the project?

When using PushPay, make sure that “Expanding The Table” is selected under the “fund” option.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! Gifts to Expanding the Table are tax-deductible (to the extent of the law). A giving receipt will be provided each year contributions are made.

Can I give assets other than cash?

Yes! We accept stocks, bonds, CDs, or electronic funds, transfers, and other assets. Please contact Emanuel Madanat for more information.

Can I go in with a group of others to “add a seat to the table?”

A: Absolutely! To make this God-sized dream a reality, it’s going to take all of us working together.

Pull together with your life group, get your kids involved, or see if your company offers charitable matching gifts! We are amazed at how God has provided for this project so far, and we know that it will continue to take prayer, creativity, and our community coming together to see this project completed.

Will you add a seat at the table?

Your contribution to give $3,500 over the course of Expanding The Table will create a seat for someone like you to experience God. That's just $3.19 per day. 


Continue to our secure giving page Make a pledge to add a seat

Submit your pledge card by e-mail to  

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