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Baptism Sunday

Jesus Centered

God uses His Word to reveal Himself to us, equip us to live the good life He’s designed for us,
show us our sin, and strengthen us as we follow Him (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Colossians 1:9-12, and
James 1:22-25). Suggested Time: 20-40 minutes 

Sermon theme: Why Baptism? – Phil Carnuccio

Primary Scripture Passage: Romans 12: 4-5 / Romans 6: 1-14
Once we commit our lives to Jesus we become a member of the Church which is the Body of Christ.
How does that impact our relationship with fellow believers? (See Romans 12: 4-5)
The word baptism is from the Greek word baptizo which actually means to dip or immerse
something in water. What is the impact of being “baptized into Jesus’ death”?
If the forgiveness we receive when we are saved covers not only past sins, but also all future sins,
why don’t we just relax and keep on sinning so that more grace will come our way? (see Romans 6)
Just as Jesus conquered death and the grave by rising from the dead – never to die again; how are
we impacted as we come up out of the water at our baptism? (see Romans 6:4)
As believers we are set free from slavery to sin, but we can tend to return to the shackles that once
bound us. How does Paul encourage us to take action and walk in our freedom? (see Romans 6: 11-

Speaker: Phillip Carnuccio

October 2, 2022

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