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Fasting Guide

Fasting Guide

What is Fasting?

So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off. - Acts 13:3

Fasting is first mentioned in the Old Testament. A variety of Biblical fasts took place according to how the Spirit of God led His people. In Biblical times, fasting would consist of the abstinence of certain or all foods and/or water in order to spend dedicated silence and time praying and reading God's word. 

The act of fasting can be regarded as a declaration of desperation for God to move in your life. In the Bible, the people who were urged to fast needed something from God such as divine wisdom, guidance, repentance, salvation, or victory in battles. Fasting told God, "Lord, I need You and "I am not in control, I can't do this without You."

Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer

Fasting Guide

Written and Published by Cru

Fasting for Beginners

Fasting for Beginners

A guide from desiringGod

Fasting as a Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual Discipline

Written and Published by Focus on the Family