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Born Is | Poor In Spirit

Series: Born Is...

Speaker: Phil Carnuccio

December 3, 2023
Matthew 5:3-12'>Matthew 5:3-12

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  1. Has Christ truly brought peace to your life?  Or are you still working and striving for better circumstances so that peace will then come into your life?
  2. Would you consider yourself at level 1 (what can Jesus do for me) or level 2 (what can I give to further God's kingdom)?
  3. As church members, how can we ensure that the church remains a place where people, who may be "far away", will want to seek out?
  4. Why do we often underestimate the needs of people who are spiritually lost?
  5. Why do we come to Jesus with an attitude of being "poor in spirit"? What does this mean?
  6. Do you believe in the vision that Jesus has for the transformation of your heart? Why do we often doubt and resist this transformation? 

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