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Our Response to Racial Injustice

Discussion Questions:

How do you respond when you hear stories of racial injustice in our nation? Are you overwhelmed with anger, fear, or sadness? 

Why should the scriptures be our first resource when seeking to learn more about racial injustice? 

How do we know that God is particularly present when our world is in chaos? 

Do you have close relationships with people of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences in your life? If not, where can you take a first step to start those relationships? 

Take a look at the reading resources page and commit to reading one book on this list this year.

Why should our church be concerned with forming a diversity panel? How can you balance between feeling broken for injustice and taking action?

Speaker: Ryan Enns

June 7, 2020

Ryan Enns

Community Pastor & Executive Director of Westside Community Center

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