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Over the past 15 years, we have had the privilege of working alongside the Ngonine Church, a rural village in Senegal, Africa. To give some history, Fraternité Evangélique du Senégal (FES) is the infrastructure for all Christian faith-based work and churches in the country of Senegal. FES oversees the work of the organization in-country called Mission Inter Senegal (MIS). MIS is focused on spreading the Gospel through supporting the physical and spiritual needs of villages through church planting. In the early 2000’s, MIS approached churches in the United States about partnering with specific villages in Senegal. In 2006, Providence decided to come alongside the village of Ngonine and start a committee called Mission Senegal that directly works to fulfill the mission of MIS.

In the years since this partnership, Mission Senegal has helped fund and establish various programs like an Agriculture Project, Animal Program with veterinary services, youth ministry, Christian primary school, evangelization events at neighboring villages, and a newly established women's ministry! There has been incredible progress in the village’s health, viability and the sharing of the gospel. While we are encouraged by this progress, we are not finished. Our Spirit-led hope is that Ngonine becomes a sustainable village thriving in ministry and businesses. 

You can support this partnership by donating, participating in events, applying for a trip, praying, and staying up to date through social media. 


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The Senegal Staff

Jules Caho - Implementation Consultant
Revee Caho - Committee Lead
Molly Neral - Creative Director

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