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Mission and Vision

Love God, love your neighbor, love your neighborhood. 
Our hope is to turn obstacles into opportunities, to offer hope to those in need in Philadelphia.



Ministry Needs

Serving meals, offering a food pantry, providing ID to help folks get jobs/housing, creating a safe space for good meals and after-school support. 

How is the Ministry sharing the gospel and making disciples:

Loudly, regularly, passionately through Pastor Garrett. 

Provide one story of life change directly from the ministry

Duckie went from the doghouse to the penthouse, from the projects to running financial projects after graduating from University and landing a lush job. 

Prayer Requests / Praises: 

- Favor with our neighbors in a terse construction conflict.
- A new Director. 
- Justice for Malcolm.
- For the hearts and souls and hopefulness of our youth, that they may kick the hands of the grip of evil and that they may emerge from the grasp of darkness to help change this godless city attitude and create a place of prosperity and safety for the next generation.
Ways Providence can tangibly get involved:
Sending a work crew to Philly to help fix up our building.
Making Providence's skilled professionals available for consultations and partnerships in their fields of work.

Monday - Outreach to the unhoused in Philly. Meals, social service, communal support.

On site - food pantry, Missional church, after-school programs, clothing closet, summer camp, meal distribution, mentoring, tutoring, adult literacy, emotionally healthy spirituality.

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